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Investment Advice & Wealth Creation

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Wealth creation is not overwhelming when you have expert support. The good news is that no matter what your age or financial situation, right now is the best time for you to start maximising your wealth. 


So, for wealth creation advice you can trust, come to ActOn, the top financial advisors in Melbourne. 

Our wealth investment expertise

Your financial planner provides you with diversified investment solutions tailored to your short, medium and long-term needs.

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Direct shares


Borrowing to invest

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Fixed interest securities


Managed investments


Direct property

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Term Deposits

So, for the best investment advice in Melbourne or indeed Australia-wide, meet with our team! 

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Maximising wealth across all asset classes

A solid financial planning strategy is diversified, stable, consistent and unsurprising. Sound boring? Good, it should be. Your wealth management advisor provides a comprehensive audit and plan that will incorporate all assets - term deposits, direct property, managed investments, fixed interest securities, borrowing to invest and more. We impartially consider and advise on investment opportunities in Melbourne and nationwide to offer you a bespoke plan.  

How our wealth creation advisors work with you

Our wealth creation financial planning begins with an investment strategy. We map the most direct path of least resistance to get you from point A to your end financial goals. We do this by utilising investment vehicles that align with your risk profile, investment preferences and comfort zone. We’re not simply an investment advisor; it’s our job to educate you on the reasoning behind it. That way, you can confidently move forward knowing you’re on track to meeting your wealth investment goals.

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Contact us for the best wealth investment advice

The best investment for wealth creation starts with a call or email to our team, that’s it! Whether you aim to further your wealth creation through property, the share market, maximising your savings or a combined strategy, we know we have the best investment advice in Australia! Speak to a wealth management advisor today about a no-cost, no-commitment initial consultation. Let us develop tailored investment solutions that don’t just meet your wealth targets but surpass them. 

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