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They say life insurance is like a parachute, if you don’t have it the first time you need it, you won’t be needing it again.

Alright, that might be a bit morbid, but it’s true. People insure their cars, their contents, their pets. But a lot of people forget to insure the biggest income producing asset they have, themselves.

Have you planned for the unexpected?

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The right level of cover to protect you and your family

A good risk management strategy progresses your financial plan independent of you income. In other words, if your paycheque stops coming in, your financial plan can still advance.

The reality is, most people can’t save the amount of money required to do that. So, we need to determine how much of that risk we would like to pass on to an insurer, that’s where we come in.

Our team can develop an insurance strategy that is personalised, flexible and affordable so that you can move forward with the peace of mind that you and your family are financially protected.

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Areas we can assist


Life insurance is designed to protect your family should the worst happen. In the event of your death or a terminal illness a lump-sum insurance benefit may be used, for example, to fund required medical expenses.



Income protection insurance provides an income safety net via periodic insurance receipts should you become incapacitated and hence unable to work due to illness or accident.



TPD (total and permanent disablement) insurance provides a lump-sum benefit should you suffer an illness or accident that leaves you totally and permanently disabled and unable to work.


Trauma insurance provides a lump-sum on diagnosis of a specified medical condition. The included medical conditions differ by insurance company. However typically they include heart attack, cancer and stroke.


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