Ethical Investing

Ethical Investment Advice

Is it important that your investment positively contributes to your wealth and the health of the planet and its people? We respect your principles and want to do everything to support them.

Ethical Investing

Indeed, ActOn Wealth believes that wealth creation and social/environmental concerns should not be mutually exclusive.


It is old-school thinking to suggest ethical investments equate to lower profits or higher fees. Like you, we believe there is a way to do good for your wealth and world. 


Whilst ethics can open a Pandora’s Box of complexities, most of us can agree on and share some fundamental investment values that avoid:

  • Causing illness, disease or death

  • Destroying or damaging the environment

  • Disrespecting or harming people

​Here at ActOn Wealth, we use these values to guide us to a range of ethical fund managers and Superannuation providers. As a result, we tailor-make portfolios that align with your values and compliment your short, medium and long-term financial and lifestyle goals.

We use an ethical screening process to invest your money into companies that help grow your savings and build a better world. These criteria comprise specific exclusions and inclusions:


Fossil fuels



Live animal export

Old growth logging

Environmental destruction

Social harm

Harmful financing


Renewable energy
Healthcare & wellbeing
Efficient transport
Sustainable products
Community finance
Production of health foods
Social wellbeing

ActOn Wealth is proud to partner with Sustainable Marketplace to provide their customers with advice that is kind on both their financial goals and their conscience.