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Budget Calculator

A well-planned budget is essential for financial health and growth. Our free Budget Calculator will help to calculate your estimated minimum expenditure. This complete audit allows you to plan your budget and manage your assets and expenses. You will quickly gain more accurate knowledge of your surplus (or if you are spending more than you earn).

Just insert your income as take-home pay, bonuses and overtime, income from savings and investments, Centrelink or family benefits payments, etc. Then add your expenses as home and utilities, insurance and financial, groceries, personal and medical, entertainment, transport and auto, etc.

With the data provided, the calculator will automatically give you a budget summary and show you the estimated minimum expenditure results.
You can freely arrange as per weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or annual budgets, whatever best suits your personal finances. So download the results and keep track!

Please note that these calculations are estimates based on the details you provide, and should not be your only source of data. The best way to get control of your finances and grow your wealth is with the help of Melbourne's best financial advisers.

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