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Aged Care Financial Planning

Expert Financial Advice for Seniors


You’ve worked hard all your life, and approaching aged care should be a positive, comfortable, secure-feeling experience. With the right experienced aged care financial advisors to understand and support you, this journey can be smooth, considered and tailored to you. ActOn Wealth’s aged care financial planners specialise in helping senior Australians make this transition. Our deep knowledge and client commitment ensure we deliver the best, most impartial seniors financial advice. And it’s simple - it starts with just a phone call. 

Call our aged care financial planner for a no-cost initial conversation - 1300 022 866

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Why Choose ActOn Wealth for Your Aged Care Financial Advice

Transparency. Trust. Tenacity.

You want a financial advisor for aged care who understands your needs and works tirelessly to find the best way to achieve them. Someone who doesn’t refer to a template but digs deep to deliver independent advice that’s right for you. Someone who understands the complexities - and opportunities! - of aged care, and speaks simply about them, empowering you with the knowledge you need. Someone who can look at the whole aged care picture, including investment advice, estate planning, cashflow, and make it all work together.

ActOn Wealth is here to help your journey into aged care be a positive, well-planned experience.  You’ve got peace of mind with us.

Our Comprehensive Aged Care Financial Services

The right aged care financial planner can handle all your financial service needs and help you make the best-informed decisions. You can rely on ActOn Wealth’s specialist aged care services, which include: 


  • Assessment of Care Needs: Guidance on getting care needs assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

  • Financial Implications of Aged Care: Understanding and planning for different aged care fees, including basic daily fees, means-tested fees, and accommodation payments.

  • Family Home Considerations: Advice on managing the family home in aged care planning, including its impact on fees and Age Pension entitlements.

  • Maximising Age Pension Entitlements: Strategies to maximise Age Pension entitlements and any government subsidy entitlements in the context of aged care.

  • Personalised Financial Strategies: Tailored strategies to manage costs and optimise financial position during the transition to aged care.

Tailored Financial Advice for Seniors Australia

The best financial advice for aged care begins with a conversation. 


If we are to be responsible for helping you in such an important life matter, we want to get to know you. We need to be crystal clear about your goals and expectations so we can then guide you through every step of the aged care process, from initial assessment to moving into a care facility. Along this path lie questions about funding, budgeting and asset protection. Our team of experts is here to help you at each point in this journey, tailoring the right advice for you. With ActOn Wealth supporting you, planning becomes a pleasure, not a pressure.    

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Start Planning Your Aged Care Journey with Confidence

Aged care financial planning can be a rewarding, comforting and empowering experience with the proper support. Let’s have a no-obligation chat and see how ActOn Wealth can help you. Call our team on 1300 022 866 or leave your details in our financial planning contact form.

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