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Financial Planning Consultation

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Making sense of Financial Planning

Do you associate financial planning with boring suited types obsessing over spreadsheets, property prices and the stock market? Well, we don’t always wear suits, and we often tell a cracking good joke or two (several of us are dads, after all).


Financial planning is fun, inspiring and really pretty exciting… Or at least it can be, with the right team behind you. 


Here at ActOn Wealth, we want to contribute to your prosperous and healthy financial future. But we also want you to engage with and be empowered by the experience. In fact, this is an opportunity to see money, savings and investments in a whole new light. So let’s discover and embrace your inner numbers nerd, not be ashamed or scared by it.  Trust us -  you will be impressed where this can take you (and your bank balance). 


Financial planning makes so much sense, and we’re here to show you how and why. So, contact us today and let’s make this fun and fearless.

we can assist

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Debt management

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Preparing for retirement

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Investing and growing wealth

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Managing and optimising cashflow

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Protecting wealth

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Maximising superannuation

Why work

with us?

Complimentary initial consultation

Tertiary qualified advice team

Innovative and streamlined approach

Tailored and

goal-oriented advice

Proactive and impartial advice process

Ongoing financial mentoring and education


Ensure you’re on the right track

Beginning your journey is simple

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We meet at your place, online or in our office

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Then we get to work and map your journey

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Let’s talk about you, and where you want to be

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Presentation Day – Your goals, the path and realising the benefits

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We provide the tools and know-how to make it happen

A long-term partnership is the key to long-term success!

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See why we have over 150
5 star reviews

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Speak to one of our financial advisers today

speak to one of our financial advisers today
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