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Retirement Planning & Superannuation

Retirement is the point in your life when time is no longer money. It’s one of life’s biggest events and we need to start preparing for it early on.

Put simply, we want to make sure that the answer to these two questions are the same; When do I want to retire? And when can I retire?

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Do you have enough super to retire?

At least 9.5% of the income you earn during your entire working life goes into superannuation. That’s a lot. Chances are it’s going to be the largest investment asset you have come retirement.


We get it, for many of us retirement is years, even decades away so we can probably excuse ourselves if we’ve been focusing on more present issues. But this is your money, so it’s important to get it right.


Do you have multiple accounts from previous jobs?

Are you in the right fund?

Are you in the right investment option in that fund?


It’s hard to know where to start, there are so many options out there. We’re here to help you work through them.


We’ll work with you to develop an adaptable superannuation strategy that makes sense for your situation now and continues to into the future.


Ensuring our clients reach their retirement goals

When you want to retire is up to you. Some people can’t see themselves ever fully stopping work while others don’t want to work one day more than they have to.

When you can retire is a question that we can help you answer. A good retirement plan will make sure that all aspects of your finances are working together in order to help you achieve that goal.

Once that strategy is formulated, we can provide you with detailed retirement projections to give you an accurate idea of when you can retire and maintain your desired lifestyle throughout.

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Strategic asset selection

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Income streams in retirement

Transition to Retirement

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Personal insurance needs

Self-managed superannuation fund

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Areas we can assist

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Tax effective structuring of resources

Requirements for a comfortable retirement

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Retirement modelling

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Why work with us?

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Proactive and impartial advice

Active superannuation management

Transparent and high-level reporting

Ongoing Investment support

Ontrack retirement software

Ethical investment options