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Property Investment Advice

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Building wealth through property investment

Real estate investments are in Australians’ DNA. 


A property portfolio can be an excellent wealth-building vehicle. Smart investment strategies can provide risk-mitigating diversification, capital growth, a regular income stream and tax benefits. But you need to trust that the right people have your back. And we certainly do. Your ActOn property investment advisor empowers you with the transparency, tools and impartial, expert advice to make successful property fund choices that grow your wealth. 

"If you want open and transparent advice, these are the guys to use!"
- Customer Nancy, Greater Melbourne

Financial advisor property investment services 

As your highly experienced property investment advisor in Melbourne, we deliver the very best level of financial planning services.

Assessing capability and appropriateness

Feasibility studies

Investment property acquisition and sale

Independent market research

Areas we can assist

Owner occupier acquisition and sale

Subdivision and development advice

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Direct property advice-Areas we can assi
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A good property financial advisor

The best independent financial advisers in Melbourne know that the right time to invest is less about the market and more about you.. The most successful strategy will be long-term and diversified.
At ActOn, we never give general property advice - every client has different financial backgrounds, timelines and wealth-building goals. However, it is fair to say that property investment is not right for you if you’re after a quick win. That aside, anything is possible! 

Financial property advisors and fully qualified mortgage brokers 

Each property financial advisor on the team is also a mortgage broker. So rather than pigeon-holing our focus on interest rates and loan terms, we can look holistically at your full financial situation to find the best product overall.

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“...very responsive and has provided options that would work the best for me.” 

Customer Lou, Brisbane

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We’re independent financial planners. As such, we don’t have to align ourselves with any particular products or services. Our recommendations are based on what’s best for our property investor clients, not for us! 

Tailored property investment advice 

Nothing we do is on autopilot. We listen - really listen - to you, your needs, and your goals. We think outside the square as much as inside it - whatever is the best solution for you.

“[he has] been an absolute professional listening to our goals and providing us with a tailored plan to help us maximise our finances to their full potential”

Customer Kristina K, Greater Melbourne

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“There was always a really transparent and sympathetic approach to what can sometimes be murky areas. He set out the benefits and disadvantages of options and was ready to listen to concerns and preferences.”

  • Customer Martin

Transparent property investment advisory fees

Hiding details in fine print goes against everything we stand for. Trust is built when information and costs are spelt out upfront, clear as day, and you feel 100% confident with us.

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How does it work?


Make an appointment with us for a no-cost, no-obligation catch-up. We find out more about you and your goals, and you get a feel for us and whether we’re the right team for you. Once you’re confident, we proceed with a much deeper-dive understanding of you, your goals, situation, level of risk etc. That information informs our research so we can prepare for you the best investment property advice in Melbourne. We ensure you understand everything and feel very confident in the plan. Then together, we press go on building your capital wealth property portfolio!

Contact our property investment advisor in Melbourne today

Speak to our friendly, experienced investment property advisors and let us get you on the right path to maximising your wealth.

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