Property Investment Advice

As Australians, real estate is in our DNA and can be a great investment vehicle for the right person. Property investment strategies can provide portfolio diversification, capital growth, a regular income stream and tax benefits.

But everything must be done correctly and with a cool head. We’re here to remove emotion from the process and help you make smart, successful choices to grow your wealth. 

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Need help finding the right property?

Taking the emotion out of selecting the right property investment

When is property investing right for you?

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A good property financial advisor knows that the right time to invest is less about the market and more about you. The most successful strategy will be long-term and diversified.
At ActOn, we never give general property advice - every client has different financial backgrounds, timelines and wealth-building goals. However, it is fair to say that property investment is not right for you if you’re after a quick win. That aside, anything is possible! 

How do we work?

It all happens in three easy steps!

Step 1:


Welcome to a relaxed introduction whereby we both get to know each other and decide if we’re a good fit. This is a two-way road. We (and hopefully you!) want to be on it for the long run, so we must be comfortable with each other.

Step 1:


We’ve both had some time to dwell on our initial meeting, and we agree this is a great fit! So now we catch up again to take things further and in more detail. As your financial wingman, this is where we take off - asking all the right questions to make you think and our team understand.

Step 3:


From all that
information-gathering, we develop your bespoke property investment strategy. We thoroughly discuss this with you, answering every question you may have. We know you will be comfortable with our proposal because we’ve made sure to listen and understand in the first place.

And after that? Well, we press go!
We’ve done the groundwork for you to move forward with confidence and create your pathway to wealth. 

Our financial advisor property
investment services

As your experienced property investment advisor in Melbourne, we can assure you the highest level of financial planning services, including:


Independent advice  

We immediately declare any collaborations with third parties so that everything remains above board. Whenever such proposals are relevant, it is because of the genuine benefits for our clients. We will never present an option that stands to favour our firm over our clientele. 

Tailored property investment advice 

Nothing we do is on autopilot - boutique firms like us just wouldn’t survive if all we served was mainstream counsel. First and foremost, we listen - really listen - to you, your needs, and your goals. We think outside the square as much as inside it - whatever is the best solution for you.

Transparent fees 

Don’t worry about important details hidden in the fine print; it goes against everything we stand for. We want you to succeed financially but also to become more financially literate and astute. That doesn’t happen in the fine print - it happens when everything is spelt out, clear as day, and you feel 100% confident in moving forward with us.

Assessing capability and appropriateness

Feasibility studies

Investment property acquisition and sale

Independent market research

Areas we can assist

Owner occupier acquisition and sale

Subdivision and development advice

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Direct property advice-Areas we can assi
Direct property advice-Why work with us.

Why work with us?

Strong industry relationships

Stringent investment selection criteria

Off-market investment opportunities

End-to-end solution with assistance from acquisition to tenancy

National research house

Highly qualified team of property specialists

Access to our in house specialised lending team

Ongoing portfolio performance reports and updates

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Meet our team today

For independent property advice you can trust and a team of professionals who are genuinely passionate about building your wealth, set up a meeting with ActOn. Take the emotion out of property investment and contact us today.