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Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

Self-managed superannuation is a significant financial decision and a smart long-term wealth-building strategy. 

Our experienced financial advisors provide an end-to-end self-funded superannuation solution that helps clients take control of their retirement. 

Is an SMSF right for you?

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Self-managed Super Fund Benefits

Investment Strategy Control



Accumulate assets for retirement planning while also funding retirement. Decide on the timing of contributions, allocation of earnings to certain members and setting aside ‘reserves’.


Seamlessly move from accumulation phase to pension or retirement. No need to sell down super fund assets (thus triggering capital gains tax & other transaction fees) and repurchase new assets for your pension. Simply keep investments and start drawing down on the SMSF balance as income. Avoid or reduce transaction expenses, such as brokerage fees, buy-sell costs and CGT.


The right setup ensures the superannuation

self-managed funds you want to transfer to dependents go to the right people in a tax-effective way at the right time. A complying SMSF technically has an unlimited life span, so both asset management and benefits payments to named beneficiaries can continue after the death of the concerned original SMSF trustee or member.

Asset Protection

Superannuation, in general, protects members from litigation and bankruptcy. If a business venture fails, you may end up only with your superannuation balance, given it is protected from litigious claims (however, you cannot use it to keep your business afloat, as it is intended for retirement).

Choose where you want to invest your money, including direct shares, collectables, term deposits and cash. Make speedy changes to fund investments based on market conditions and sound financial advice.

Borrow money through a limited recourse loan (amounting to 60-70% of the investment property value) to buy substantial single assets like commercial property. 

Establish fund

Structure personal insurance cover

Areas We Can Assist

Meet and maintain


Structuring of personal insurance cover
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Arrange trust deeds

Estate planning

Meeting and maintaining compliance oblig
Self-managed super-Areas we can assist.p

Develop investment strategy

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How ActOn Can Help You With Your Self Managed Superannuation Fund

Why choose ActOn wealth-building experts? 

superannuation specialists

✓ Independent & impartial boutique financial planning firm 

✓ Transparent & high-level reporting 

✓ In-home and after-hour appointments 

✓ Ongoing dedicated lending advice and support 

✓ Strategic debt restructuring strategies 

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