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Financial planning is not about sitting down with a calculator and creating a list of all the things you can’t do in life. At least, not with ActOn Wealth. 


Our team of experienced, professional financial planners wants you to get the most out of life now and well into the future. 


From budgeting and cash flow management, investments and insurance to superannuation, lending and estate planning, our skilled team is ready to get you off the right start, progress things even further, or simply just offer the best advice for you.

We want to hear and understand your goals and challenges so we can build an achievable roadmap through any obstacles and towards your full wealth potential. 


… And we promise to do it all without taking away all of life’s pleasures! Because creating wealth should not mean creating sacrifices. 




is simple

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We meet online, at your place or in our office

Tell us about you and where you want to be

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Your financial Wingman gets to work, planning your wealth creation

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We connect again to present our plan and how to make it a reality

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Your Wingman is with you at every step, providing tools, advice & knowledge

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That's not goodbye! We'll see you through any twists & turns as your wealth grows

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People Love
ActOn Wealth

At ActOn Wealth our clients are provided with a dedicated advice & lending team and a personalised service, unmatched.

That's what makes ActOn Wealth the highest rated financial advisors in the industry.


Fast and


We were very pleased with ActOnWealth in the way that they got the ball moving and helped us to achieve our goals. Blyth was very professional and friendly and explained everything very well. We were so surprised with the speed of things and are very grateful. Would recommend ActOnWealth to anyone who wants to get things done in a quick and professional manner.

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I ended up with an excellent outcome with my loan

I had a great experience with Acton Wealth. They were very experienced and professional and I ended up with an excellent outcome with my loan. Their combination of great customer service, experience in financial planning and mortgage broking world perfectly for me. I couldn't recommend them highly enough and I've had plenty of experience with poor mortgage brokers in the industry.

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Proactive & impartial advice process





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qualified advice team

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Established industry relationships


Consistent & relevant client communication

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Complimentary initial


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Forefront of technology


Tailored &

goal-oriented advice

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Innovative & streamlined approach

Ongoing financial mentoring & education.

Ongoing financial mentoring & education

Why work with us?

Melbourne-based Financial Advisors offering end-to-end solutions to take the hassle out of creating wealth.

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Proactive & impartial advice process.webp

Proactive & impartial advice process





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qualified financial advice team

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Established industry relationships


Consistent & relevant client communication

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Accelerate your path to financial freedom today

Customised financial advice to meet your financial and lifestyle goals


Our Services

Cashflow & Budget Management

We analyse your cashflow and create a personalised budget to make your money work harder for you. By making informed decisions, you'll realise your financial goals faster.

Wealth Creation

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Investing can be pretty daunting, with seemingly endless options and possibilities. In order to create the right investment strategy, we first need understand why we’re investing. We’re here to help you figure that out.

Risk Protection

Protect you and your family from unexpected situations that may impact your financial security and standard of living. Talk to us about one of financial planning's fundamental pillars: risk mitigation.

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Retirement Planning & Superannuation

A well-managed superannuation fund is the key to funding your retirement lifestyle. From investment options to Self-Managed Super Funds, we'll have the right advice for you.

Self Managed Superannuation

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We assist our clients with an end-to-end solution, helping them establish a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund and take control of their retirement. With access to a team with a wealth of experience, you can rest assured that the most suitable structure and strategy is put in place.

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Direct property advice

Property can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and get a regular income stream. We will design a strategy that suits your individual needs and circumstances.

Lending Advice

We provide credit advice, together with mortgage and other loan broking services. Researching finance options from various financial institutions can be very cumbersome and confusing.

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Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy is a vital part of wealth creation. We work closely with you to create an estate plan to preserve your wealth and support the ones you love.

Our Services

Cashflow & Budgeting

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Retirement Planning & Superannuation

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Self Managed


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