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Financial Industry Awards

Thanks to the commitment and energy of our knowledgeable financial advisors, ActOn Wealth has experienced considerable success across financial service industry awards and ceremonies in recent years.

It is humbling to be recognised by industry bodies, peers and the voting public who have singled out our team’s excellent customer service and financial knowledge and skill set. Indeed, our wealth advisors have always gone the extra mile to maximise our client’s financial health and well-being.


However, the best financial advisers don’t just pursue wealth. We’re also committed to improving our client’s financial literacy along the way. Empowering our clients with wealth management tools and knowledge makes their journey more sustainable and enjoyable. In fact, we believe this professional passion has partly contributed to our 5-star customer reviews and financial services industry awards success. 

Financial Advisers Awards

The IFA Excellence Awards champion and reward Australia’s leading professionals and businesses in the financial advice industry. ActOn Wealth has been overwhelmed to receive eight nominations across five categories over the span of three years in these esteemed financial planning awards. 


Client outcome 

For the individual financial planner who has made the biggest impact on a client’s financial well-being. ActOn has had three team members nominated! Congratulations to our Senior Financial Advisor Thomas Daykin for the 2020 nomination, Senior Financial Advisor Matthew Jacobson and Associate Financial Advisor Anthony Batsanis for their 2022 nominations. 

Client Outcome Of The Year 2020 2022

IFA_SEAL_2020_FINALIST__Client Outcome of the Year-Edit.png
Client outcome

Practice principal

For the individual owner or managing director of a boutique, self-licensed financial planning firm that has built the most successful business in 2021.

Congratulations to our Managing Partner, Blyth Staley, who has been nominated for this award. 

Practice Principal Of The Year 2022

Practice principal

Self-licenced firm

For the self-licensed financial planning firm that has most effectively driven business growth during 2021 by employing a range of business development processes and tactics.

IFA_SEAL_finalists_2022_Self-Licensed Firm of the Year-edit.png

Self-Licensed Firm Of The Year 2022

Self-licenced firm

Holistic advice firm

For the company that counsels clients about their overall financial well-being through services such as risk and investment advice, SMSF, tax and accounting, legal and estate planning, and mortgage and credit advice. 

IFA_SEAL_finalists_2022_Holistic Advice Firm of the Year-Edit.png
IFA23_Seals_Finalists_Holistic Advice Firm of the Year.png

Holistic Advice Firm Of The Year 2022 & 2023 

Holistic advice firm

Client servicing company

For the nation’s most effective financial planning services firm in delivering impressive financial customer service, considering the business benefits associated with effective customer service/satisfaction.

IFA_SEAL_finalists_2022_Client Servicing Company of the Year-Edit.png
IFA23_Seals_Finalists_Client Servicing Company of the Year.png

Client Servicing Company Of The Year 2022 & 2023

Client servicing company

IFA Excellence Awards 2023 will promise yet another highly anticipated awards program. We are delighted to be a part of such a pinnacle event and we look forward to sharing the evening with our fellow IFA Excellence Awards finalists, to whom we wish all the best. We would also like to thank the judging panel for recognising the outstanding achievement of our team - the experience to date has been a terrific buzz for us all!


But wait - there’s more! Yes, we’ve been very fortunate to also enjoy success beyond financial advisor awards as well.


ProductReview Awards

Product Review.png

ActOn Wealth was the 2021 and 2024 Financial Planning Services category winner.

ProductReview is Australia’s #1 consumer review website. The Annual Awards singles out products and services that have been highly regarded by its community.


The awards are judged independently and impartially and cannot be bought or influenced by commercial relationships.
Out of more than 75,000 eligible nominations, ProductReview selected 181 products and services across over 129 categories as winners of the ProductReview Awards. These winners represent the best and most reliable purchasing choices available to Australian consumers.

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Contact ActOn Wealth today

If you’re looking for financial planners recognised and rewarded by our leading industry body, peers and voting public, contact ActOn Wealth today. It’s amazing to receive such accolades, but we get our biggest kicks by creating big wealth opportunities for every client. 

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