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Company Vision, Mission & Values

Successful financial planning is much more than your portfolio performance.

At ActOn Wealth, we believe the heart of sustained wealth building lies in a deep and unwavering trust and transparency between the financial planning firm and the client. For our team, the first step in nurturing such trust is sharing - and upholding - our company’s vision, mission and core values. Welcome to ActOn Wealth’s statement of purpose. 

Company Vision


Securing clients’ financial futures with trust, integrity and personalised care.

Our vision revolves around trust, reliability, and genuine care for our clients. 

Our goal is for every client to feel empowered, valued, understood, and ultimately excited - that’s right, excited! - about their financial journey. We achieve this by partnering clients with the right dedicated financial advisors who are committed to their long-term success. 

ActOn clients know they have someone with them who is looking ahead and present every step of the way.

Company Mission Statement


Delivering quality advice through holistic, client-centric partnerships.

How does ActOn Wealth set about achieving our vision? We base our financial planning mission statement on honesty, integrity, knowledge, and expert, comprehensive services.

Doing the right thing, always. 

This simple but powerful ethos guides all our advice. We uphold the highest ethical standards to ensure counsel is in the client’s best interests.  

Leaving no stone unturned.

We carefully study each client's finances, lifestyle, goals, needs, and challenges to offer personalised and successful financial advice. 

Holistic services. 

Our financial services include everything a client could need on their wealth-building journey. Our offering is as broad as it is deep. 

Reliable & consistent support.

We’re always there for our clients. We proactively keep them informed and feeling secure, but we’re also available to assist with more reactive guidance and expertise. 

Values-based financial planning

Values-based financial planning

Our core values align with our mission and vision statement and form the foundation of our company culture, services, work ethic, and every interaction. 


The world of financial planning doesn’t have to be complicated. We break it down so clients are empowered to make informed decisions. 


We must always be honest, transparent, and ethical in all our interactions with clients and within our team.  


We take full responsibility for our actions, advice and outcomes. We strive for excellence across all areas of our work.

Client care. 

Our clients’ financial well-being and success are top-of-mind. Every client must feel valued, heard, understood and respected. 


The best client results are achieved when exceptional individuals work as a team and share their knowledge, expertise, ideas and advice. 

Continuous learning. 

Never stop improving, progressing and learning. We stay at the forefront of the financial industry so clients benefit directly from the latest insights, tools, and strategies.

Contact our customer service team

If you have any questions about our company vision statement, mission or values, or you’re inspired to reach out, please get in touch. 

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