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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

 private health personal insurance cover

Private health cover is an expense that almost 60% of Australians pay each year. Although there are a number of costs that this type of insurance will cover, it is important to understand that there may still be significant out of pocket expenses if struck down with a major injury or illness. 4 Corners have put together an interesting report on some cases in which Private Health Cover did not pay out as expected for major health issues, leaving the patients significantly out of pocket.

Having a well-structured risk strategy is one way to ensure you are not caught out by this. Trauma cover, which covers a range of medical events including heart attack, stroke and cancer will help with the out of pocket costs. When coupled with income protection, major medical events will not be as financially onerous.

Private Health cover is a necessity for some and plays a very important role in many people’s lives, but it does have its limitations. To understand more about how to cover you and your family more comprehensively in case of a major injury or illness, give us a call.

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