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New Year Financial Resolutions to Grow Your Wealth

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Start the way you want to finish.

This adage certainly rings true for financial planning and achieving wealth goals. The ultimate financial advice is this - now is the best time to start! Unlike a gym membership or a new diet, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to adopt positive financial practices that can make a huge difference to your short and long-term goals. Our ActOn wealth advisors share some of the simplest and most effective financial new year’s resolutions here.

1. Appoint the best financial planners

You don’t have to be rich or old to justify appointing a financial planner.

A good firm will ultimately deliver more than a reasonable return on investment. With ActOn Wealth, you have a dedicated team of fully-qualified planners and mortgage brokers who can provide complete 360 financial advice.

Independent and impartial, we will listen to your new year’s resolution financial goals. We’re available for a no-cost, no-obligation meeting, so why not catch up to see how we can help you achieve the best economic outcomes?

2. Start a budget plan

Many of us might start the new year with less money than we’d like.

December can be a great month for festivities, but they often come at a cost. We’d like to help you avoid that this time next year. However, in the meantime, developing a budget plan right now is the single best thing you can do for your financial health.

Understanding your cash flow and budget enables you to save money and therefore make money, which you can do without making significant sacrifices. We help establish a plan that will ultimately feel effortless. Ironically, the only thing you should notice is that you don’t notice you’re saving!

3. Review your policies and your mortgage

As the saying goes, this is money for jam.

Our team of researchers makes huge savings for clients by simply investing time in policy reviews. Your mortgage, private health insurance, home & contents, superannuation funds, etc. - we go through all the detail.

Are you 100% sure everything is up-to-date and you’re taking full advantage of all possible subsidies, interest rates and incentives? We assess your situation forensically, find any opportunities and present better options if they exist.

ActOn Wealth’s financial planners are also fully-qualified mortgage brokers. This means we provide excellent property advice and understand how your mortgage might affect your tax or vice-versa.

4. Start clearing your credit card debt

Some of the smartest financial resolutions for the new year revolve around paying off debt. You won't be alone if you’ve gone into the new year owing money! If you’re in over your head, our professional experience can be priceless. Most importantly - don’t beat yourself up. We help remove the emotion and tackle this in a practical, black-and-white fashion. It will make a difference.

5. Consider starting or diversifying your investment portfolio

If you don’t currently invest, now is the time to consider this as part of your new year financial resolutions. If you already invest but have funnelled everything into one area only, consider diversifying.

ActOn Wealth has the investment-building expertise to help regardless of your current personal finances. If you’re motivated by ethical investing, we’re well-placed to provide you with some compelling opportunities.

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