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4 Ways We Deliver The Best Financial Services Customer Service

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Has a trusted family member, friend, or work colleague recommended you contact ActOn Wealth about our financial planning services? Their referral speaks volumes, and we’re delighted! However, we understand all too well that when it comes to your finances and your future wealth, you want absolute assurance that you’re in good hands.

Here we share some background about us - our team, culture and processes. We hope this information will give you peace of mind that the person who referred you is not an exception - their experience reflects all our 5-star-only reviews on Google and Product Review.

We think that 5-star customer satisfaction comes down to amazing service and value. How do financial services companies create value for customers? We’re not sure about everyone else, but here are some of the ways we strive to deliver red-carpet service to every client:

1. A bespoke and boutique financial service

Has someone ever pitched for your business, wowing you with their experience and knowledge only to handball you to a junior the moment you ‘convert’? Well, forget about that happening with our boutique financial advisors. At ActOn Wealth, the experienced financial adviser involved in your very first meeting stays with you for the rest of your journey with us.

There’s no handballing up or down (although every advisor benefits from an internal weekly knowledge-sharing and personal development session). Your advisor becomes your single go-to person for everything financial. This builds a terrific bond between financial advisor and client and ensures you have someone on-side who understands everything about your financial situation and goals.

2. A truly holistic financial service

How many fully-qualified financial planners do you know who are also fully-qualified mortgage brokers, or vice-versa? It seems logical, right? But it’s still fairly unique unless you’re an ActOn Wealth client. That’s right - all our financial advisers can manage your wealth creation and your mortgage. That might not sound too big a deal, but it is. Why?

  • Getting the lowest mortgage loan is not always the silver bullet. Unless they are a qualified financial planner, a mortgage broker cannot appreciate your bigger financial picture. They’re going for the lowest mortgage rate they can find for you - it’s tunnel vision all the way. They can’t possibly know that it might be more advantageous for you tax-wise to pay a slightly higher mortgage. Granted, that may not always be the case. However, unless you’re dealing with someone who can study both sides of this coin, then you’re not going to know what’s truly best. With us, you can and you will.

  • Your time is precious. You deal with one advisor who can manage all facets of your finance and mortgage. You don’t have to conduct different meetings with different firms.

  • Nothing falls through the cracks. There is no “lost in translation” as isolated advice comes from each firm. Your financial advisor knows everything that needs to be known.

We might be fully qualified mortgage brokers, but we’re not accountants or lawyers. We know where the boundaries lie! So, we’ve partnered with trusted accounting and legal firms to outsource that expertise. We remain your sole contact, but now you have a truly holistic team behind you. All information still flows through us, so we don’t miss a beat. If an accounting decision stands to affect (positively or negatively) your financial plan, we’re across the detail from the get-go and can talk you through the full scenario.

3. A Customer Experience Manager and support team

A role typically associated with retail or hospitality, a Customer Experience Manager is not a common job title in financial planning. Our industry tends to focus on, you guessed it, financial planners only. Not ActOn Wealth.

We’ve got Nansy on board to manage every stage of your customer journey in financial services. This means you get VIP treatment the moment you appoint us. We also have a support team responsible for conducting additional research and taking care of administration needs. As a result, we free up our financial planners to do one thing and one thing only - plan your finance.

Trust us - that takes a lot of time and effort, especially when the planning is genuinely bespoke. We know it’s ambitious, but we strive for our financial services customer services to be an industry beacon that others look up to and follow.

4. Online portal

All our customers (and our team) use a secure online client portal that provides real-time visibility across a client’s financial situation.

  • Clients can link live data feeds from their transaction accounts so our team can review their cash-flow position and make adjustments accordingly.

  • We can add live data feeds to clients’ various investments, such as superannuation and managed funds.

  • The portal integrates with RP data for up-to-date property valuations, allowing us to live-track the client’s asset position according to goals.

  • Less preparation is required from the client's end for review meetings, given information is already front and centre.

  • Provides significant transparency across all of our recommendations.

  • One central source of truth reduces the number of platform interactions required.

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Your customer experience in financial services needs to be outstanding. This is your wealth we’re working with, and that calls for respect, care, premium skills, methodical research and a drive to achieve the very best outcomes. Our financial advisors deliver all this and more. Experience first-hand the very best care and customer service available. Let us give you a 5-star experience as we grow your wealth.

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